Bed Bug Treatment in Fresno CA

Bed bugs are making a comeback in Fresno, and even the cleanest of homes can get infested with these venomous creatures that feed on the blood of humans and dogs. Bed bugs are particularly attracted to the carbon dioxide and warmth emitted by humans, making multi-unit rental flats a prime target. They feed on sleeping humans at night and hide in dark, undisturbed areas during the day, including furniture, baseboards, floorboards, carpets, and even wallpaper.

Home cures can help to minimize the infestation, but contacting a professional bed bug exterminator is the only method to totally rid yourself of bed bugs. Team Green Pest Control employs specially trained bed bug professionals to locate and eliminate live bed bugs and their eggs wherever they may be found.

Bed Bug Control Fresno CA

When fully mature, bed bugs have an oval form and can be up to 4-5 mm long. Adult bed bugs have flattened bodies and skin that is either rust-brown or deeper red-brown color. A bed bug’s flattened body allows it to readily hide in small spaces such as baseboards, gaps in floors, under carpets, behind loose wallpaper, bed frames, sofas, behind picture frames, and many other locations, making it difficult to identify. They stick together, and large infestations emit a sweet but disagreeable odor.

If you have bed bugs, contact Team Green Pest Control for Fresno, CA bed bug control. You may entrust us with your house or business since we always stand behind our work and have an excellent team. Our objective is always 100 percent client satisfaction, which is why people keep coming back to us when they need pest control help. Our team of specialists can eliminate those pesky pests. You may be confident that we will leave your home pest-free thanks to our preventative measures and thorough treatments!

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Treatment Fresno CA

Bites may not be a reliable indicator of bed bugs. Bed bug bites can be difficult to distinguish from other insect bites. Look for shed skins, rust-colored stains (bed bug feces), blood spots on sheets and pajamas, and a musty, sweet odor. Physical detection of these voracious insects is the gold standard for determining a bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, bed bugs are nocturnal, making it difficult to trap one.

Contact Team Green Pest Control if you require professional bed bug treatment. We understand bed bug behavior and will give you a free bed bug inspection as well as a battle plan to help you win the war against bed bugs. We have the skills, equipment, and understanding to guarantee that your house is bed insect-free. We will inspect your home to find bed bugs and design an efficient treatment plan. We offer residential and commercial buildings effective, safe, and guaranteed bed bug treatment Fresno CA services. Our expert professionals are ready to take on your pest control needs.

Bed Bug Exterminator Fresno CA

Look no further than Team Green Pest Control if you need a competent, effective, and courteous bed bug exterminator in Fresno, CA. Our technicians are trained to locate the cause of the problem and eliminate it, rather than just treating the symptoms. We use only natural, non-toxic items that are safe for you and your family.

We will visit your home and treat any contaminated areas as well as remove any remaining bed bugs or eggs. We will also give you continuing guidance on how to prevent further infestations. We provide a free examination and estimate, so you know exactly what you’re getting into before we start working.

How Should Bed Bug Traces Be Handled?


  • Stop utilizing the room and place it in “quarantine.”
  • If the room is already occupied, engage with management to relocate guests to a different room.
  • Contact a professional pest control company right away to inspect the infected room and/or pre-treat any rooms to which guests may be relocated.


  • Make more noise in the room. Leaving the “scene” alone will assist in diagnosing the problem.
  • Remove any items from the room. This will only aid in the proliferation of bed bugs.

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Bed bug control is not do-it-yourself. Once established, these secretive pests can be extremely difficult to remove. Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure that all of the bed bugs are gone to avoid a re-infestation. This is why it is critical to engage a professional, experienced bed bug exterminator. To properly address a bed bug infestation, contact a registered pest control expert. You can contact Team Green Pest Control, Lawn Fertilization, and Weed Control for a competent pest control professional in your area.


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