Are you witnessing rodents settling down in your home? Even the most collected homeowner can experience shock and terror when discovering it in their home, whether in the kitchen, basement, or living room. Sadly, these rodents are cunning enough to enter homes through a minor crack or hole. They only need a small space to roam about inside, making it quite simple for them.

How To Prevent Rodents In Your Home

Humans and rodents have a close relationship. People and their homes provide them with what they need to survive. Rodents can chew down pipelines, electrical cables, and wooden facilities, causing significant damage to the building and the nearby outdoor structures. But more often than not, rodents behave as carriers of diseases contaminating food supplies and equipment.

Rodent-free homes are happy homes, and whether you’ve not had a rodent issue or have just resolved one, you want to keep yours that way. Recognizing and removing the factors that enable rodents to survive is part of rodent-proofing your home. Use the following tips to keep these rodents out of your house!

Cut Off Food Sources

As greedy eaters, rodents will consume whatever food is left over by humans to survive and thrive. One of the most excellent strategies to get rid of these rodent problems is to improve sanitary conditions and remove their food and water sources. Pick ripe produce from your garden and trees, and gather and compost any fallen fruit and vegetables. Feed outdoor animals daily, and never leave food out to rot. Pet food should not be outdoors unless in rodent-proof containers, and you should always cover garbage cans.

Get Rid Of Habitats

Provide no home for these rodents. Eliminate clutter and trash and store timber or wood stacks at least 18 inches above the ground, about a foot away from the area and other walls. Rodents like to hide under leaf litter, so get rid of it. Trim the grass, bushes, and other plants surrounding your property. Removing overhanging trees helps eliminate gray areas where rodents may feel safe.

Rodent-Proof Your Home

Find any gaps or holes that need to be filled or closed, no matter how tiny. Repair your home’s foundation, and any openings, especially those near doors and windows, should be sealed. Last but not least, spray potential access points such as doorways, windows, pipes, cracks, gaps, and vents after ensuring closed areas around drains, lines, and vents. To keep rodents out, regularly check and fix these common access points.

Seek Professional Help

Calling a professional when you notice a rodent infestation is typically the most efficient course of action for getting rid of rodents. It’s wise to avoid taking a chance when dealing with rodents because they are harmful. You will achieve far more excellent results with professional assistance than by working alone.

Are you uncomfortable removing rodents or lacking the necessary time or materials? We can help with that. We are experts at dealing with rodent problems and removing them from your house. Get in touch with us to handle your rodent infestation immediately and stop future rodent pest control troubles. At Team Green Pest Control, we acknowledge and complete the job quickly and effectively!

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