Pest Control Clovis, CA

Clovis faces a range of pest concerns, whether they walk, crawl, or fly into the city and surrounding area. That is why Team Green offers a local team of skilled professionals to assist you in servicing your homes and businesses. Our pest control Clovis CA services provide a solution to your pest problems. It might be difficult to enjoy life and sleep at night as you hunt for a solution to your termite, roach, and other pest problems. Our pest control methods assist you in being pest-free and stress-free.


Comprehensive Pest Control Clovis CA Services

Clovis is plagued by its own set of pest issues. While some are prevalent and may be found throughout the country, others are more specialized and can only be found in this region. Regardless of the magnitude or breadth of the problem, our pest control staff works fast to prevent further damage to your Clovis property from pests. We are able to build personalized and successful pest control techniques as a result of our significant experience.

Bed Bug Control Clovis

Bed bugs are a headache in any home, and the damage they cause should not be minimized. These bloodsucking insects can cause serious skin irritations and reactions. We offer effective and affordable bed bug pest control in Clovis, California, which has been demonstrated to eradicate the problem permanently. Our educated and committed bed bug exterminators not only provide a free bed bug inspection, but they also provide reasonable bed bug eradication treatment solutions that will have you sleeping soundly every night. We apply eco-friendly methods so that you and your family can go about your daily lives without worry.

Termite Control Clovis

Termites are another pesky pest that can cause serious damage to your property if not treated quickly. They consume wood and other materials, making them a costly pest if left untreated for an extended period of time. Our professionals are trained to evaluate your house and lawn extensively for signs of termite activity, water damage, wood rot, and other structural problems. We will provide suggestions based on our results, and we can tailor our termite control services to your particular needs.

Rodent Control Clovis

Rodents are among the most common pests encountered in homes and offices. They can cause extensive property damage by gnawing on wiring, causing leaks, and breaking pipes. Rodents can also carry diseases that can make humans sick. If you have rodents in your home or business, it’s important to get them removed quickly. We offer effective rodent control services so that you can get rid of these pests from your home once and for all. To remove rodents from your property, we use various methods such as baiting, trapping, and exterminating them using chemicals if necessary.

In addition to these pest treatments, we also offer the following as part of our comprehensive pest control service:

  • Ant Extermination
  • Roach Extermination
  • Spider Pest Control
  • Scorpion Extermination
  • Fleas Control
  • Ticks Control 

We customize our services, and if the pests return for any reason, so do we, absolutely FREE! So, what are you holding out for? Go ahead and bug us today, so they don’t bug you! Call Now!

Exterminator Clovis CA

Are you tired of ants or spiders invading your home or business on a regular basis? Are you prepared to confront those pesky rodents? Or perhaps you simply have questions about how general pest control will benefit your family. Team Green Pest Control is here to meet any and all of your needs. It’s easy! Your pest problems will be eliminated when you combine our seasonal protection plan with our pest-free guarantee. As a locally owned business, we are aware of the challenges that our Clovis neighbors are dealing with. We are committed to customizing our services for you. Our highly trained personnel has made a guarantee to improve your surroundings based on over ten years of experience and applicable approaches, from removing spider webs on that difficult-to-reach second floor to treating your entire yard and utilizing eco-friendly materials.

Clovis CA Pest Control Company

If you need a dependable provider to get rid of those bothersome pests, contact Team Green Pest Control now! In Clovis, California, we are a pest treatment firm. We offer a variety of services like extermination, prevention, and treatment. Our team is highly trained, and we use the most effective chemicals available to keep pests out of your home or office.

As environmentally concerned pest control experts, we strive to use green practices whenever possible and employ the most advanced scientific methods for population reduction. We guarantee complete satisfaction with every service; if the bugs return, so will we, at no additional charge. We are always happy and excited to provide you with a free estimate and help you schedule your pest control service appointment in Clovis. 

Best Pest Control Company Clovis CA

Team Green Pest Control is the most effective pest control company in Clovis, California. We’ve been servicing the area for over ten years and are proud of our reputation for providing high-quality service at a reasonable price. We founded our business on the goal of finding solutions that work for you, whether you have an ant infestation or need to get rid of bed bugs. Our workers are kind and knowledgeable, so you can trust that they will handle your home properly and leave it cleaner than they found it.

Our mission is to provide you with the best pest control service in town at a reasonable price. We provide outstanding service to all of our clients so that they can enjoy a safe atmosphere free of pests. Our professionals will inspect your home and assist you in selecting the best remedy for your needs. We are available on the same day so that you can obtain help right away if you need it.

Professional Pest Control for Your Clovis Home

Out of sight, however, does not automatically imply out of mind. Pests can be difficult to detect, ranging from bed bugs and ants to cockroaches and rats. However, bugs are a severe issue that can harm your house or, worse, your health.

Team Green’s pest control professionals can provide you with peace of mind by expertly removing unwanted pests from your house – and ensuring they don’t return. We come to you, examine the situation, and then recommend and implement an environmentally responsible solution that both solves the problem and prevents it from recurring.

Customized Commercial Pest Control in Clovis

Pests can cause damage to your facilities, endanger your employees, and tarnish your company’s brand. They may also breach the regulations that you, as a business owner, are required to obey. Your Team Green professionals will collaborate with you to develop a customized, integrated pest control program that complies with all applicable standards.

We’ve worked with a diverse spectrum of industries, from restaurants to warehouses, from small businesses to major corporations, and we recognize that no two facilities are alike. As a result, we provide tailored solutions for any situation. We will come out and examine the problem for free in order to build a plan tailored to your company. We’ll assist you in identifying possible problems and developing methods to keep infestations under control.

How Our Green Pest Control in Clovis Works

Our green pest control services employ non-hazardous and eco-friendly pest control techniques, as well as the application of integrated pest management strategies. Frequently, this entails eschewing pesticides in favor of natural therapies that involve management of the environment and its insect problems as opposed to eradication. Each species of pest has its own habitat requirements for shelter, moisture, food, and temperature. If the proper conditions exist in your home, bugs may move in. Chemical treatments can temporarily eliminate them, but if their habitat remains, they will return.

Our green pest control treatments are a custom-tailored solution based on our in-depth research of the behavior of the insect species we are targeting and the habitat they require to survive in your home. Using the knowledge gathered during the inspection period, we may formulate an efficient plan to eradicate pests and treat only the necessary areas. Instead of using a blanket approach, eco-friendly pest management considers the specifics of each circumstance and the client’s preferences when developing a treatment plan. In many instances, the interior of a home or building does not need to be treated at all; treatment of important harborage locations, such as subfloors, roofs, and cavity regions, is sufficient to control an infestation.

Choose Team Green Pest Control For Your Clovis Pest Control Needs!

At Team Green Pest Control, Lawn Fertilization, and Weed Control, we believe that the best and most effective solution to ensure your home is protected from pests is to treat them before they become a problem. Our licensed and trained pest control professionals specialize in natural pest management that is both safe and sustainable. We believe that any ecosystem’s viability requires management rather than eradication. We consider our Clovis customers to be family, and we want their homes to be beautiful, healthy places where they can raise their children without worrying about bugs or hazardous chemicals.

We are committed to offering affordable, high-quality pest control services with no long-term contracts or start-up costs! We are available on the same day, so if you require our services immediately, we will be there! We always strive to offer you the greatest possible experience in terms of money’s value, explanation, and clear communication about how we intend to perform our services and pest control treatments. And maintaining the beauty of our customers’ homes is our top priority; we have done so for over ten years and will surely continue to do so in the future!

Contact us today if you’re seeking high-quality and personalized service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything is dependent on the services you receive. In other cases, you are not even obliged to leave your house. Depending on the treatment method chosen, you may be required to leave your house for an extended amount of time. It’s critical to discuss this with your Team Green Clovis specialist and plan ahead of time.

After your Team Green Clovis expert completes the treatment, they will present you with a list of post-treatment instructions, such as which products to use when cleaning treated areas. It may take some time for the solution to dry or settle in, depending on the treatments employed and the target pest.

When determining the optimum time of year for pest management, keep in mind that it will vary on the sort of pest you are dealing with. As the weather turns cooler, rodents, for example, seek shelter and food sources indoors. Alternatively, if pests such as bed bugs have already entered your home, they can be active all year. If your Clovis property is prone to pest infestations, it is vital to have a professional pest control company on hand year-round to help keep bugs out.

Their nests are frequently found behind plumbing fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens, in cabinet crevices or under drawers, under appliances, or beneath the refrigerator. You may also observe cockroach droppings near the nest or use your nose to sniff them out – most have a strong, unpleasant stench. We make sure to destroy the nest whenever we find it. We utilize environmentally friendly insecticides that are safe for children and pets. We next thoroughly clean and sanitize the nest.

Clovis, California, is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada in the San Joaquin Valley, one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions. The community has a great western past and stages the Clovis Rodeo every year on the last weekend of April. Other yearly community events highlight the region’s bounty and small-town vibes, such as the farmers market, which runs every Friday night during the summer, Clovisfest, and beer and wine festivals. Fine dining establishments and outstanding antique and collector stores may be found in Old Town. There are numerous outdoor activities available in Clovis, including boating, water skiing, fishing, winter sports, world-class hiking, climbing, and cycling. Clovis is regarded as the “Gateway to the Sierras” because of its proximity to the mountains. Walking, biking, and bird-watching are all popular pastimes for residents and visitors in and around the city, which boasts over 13 miles of trails.


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